(Interim) team management

From April 2023 - Interim teamleader Corporate Marketing & Ticketing - Advisor to the Programme Director



Team management

Team management

With over 1,850 productions and almost one and a half million visitors a year, TivoliVredenburg is a unique stage in the Netherlands. Smoothly running (marketing & communication) processes are therefore of crucial importance. As interim team leader Corporate Marketing and Ticketing and strategic advisor, I help colleagues and management with the optimal set-up of the marketing department.

Some context:
in the world of music marketing, developments follow each other in rapid succession. Visitors are becoming increasingly critical when it comes to content, service and information provision. As marketing platform FrankWatching puts it: 'It's not just about handling transactions; customers expect much more. They are always online and expect seamless interaction, personalised attention, quick problem solving and pleasant surprises that exceed their expectations everywhere in their customer journey.' All these issues determine the daily work of the marketing teams and content creators. At the same time, TivoliVredenburg will make the switch to automated marketing with Salesforce in 2023 and the ticketing process will be evaluated

In these dynamics, I focus mainly on work processes, task packages and job profiles. Asking these questions: is everyone (still) in a good position, do departments and colleagues work well together and are we ready for a future proof marketing approach?

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