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The Hague, 2014-2020 – As Head of Marketing & Communication, Nienke was responsible for team management, recruitment, and communications. She carried out a new positioning strategy, including a visual identity transition and new digital platforms. 

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Visual identity

In 2014, the KABK needed a new positioning strategy, a new corporate identity and a new website. The bar was high at this prestigious art school. The level of ambition of the institute and its young, international student population had to be reflected in the corporate identity. Together with a small project team and the close involvement of students and teachers, Nienke carried out the process. A hands-on approach and intensive coordination with all those involved, helped enormously in organising the transition in a friendly and constructive manner.

The positioning process was set up for the overarching University of the Arts, The Hague, and its faculties KABK and Royal Conservatoire


In a close collaboration between Digital Natives and Lesley Moore, the KABK website has been developed. In order to properly inform and seduce the prospect students (young, international artists and designers), the website team made efforts on all fronts. A dedicated content creator and KABK photography alumni took care of texts and header images. The website guides prospect students through the application process, for example with the help of for example with portfolio tips, also, the unique techniques and facilities of the KABK are well exposed. Furthermore, the website developed into a platform for an alumni database and an overview of collaborative projects with external partners.


After the launch of the website, it was time to improve the internal communication within the KABK. The same team was assigned to develop an internal portal. This platform provides three functions: a handbook (how to work/study at the KABK), a news feed and a dashboard with buttons to the most important applications. 


Alumni of the KABK were commissioned each year to take care of the concept and design for the PR campaigns surrounding the Graduation Show and the Open Day. Using the framework of the basic design by Lesley Moore, these young designers set to work on an assignment that encompassed the full scope of a campaign, online and offline, from animations and posters to merchandise and decoration of the building.

Sander Puhl, 2019
Yacinth Pos, 2018
Leeza Pritychenko (concept and images) and Rieme Gleijm (graphic design)
Leïth Benkhedda, Lukas Engelhardt, Diego Grandy, 2020

Team management

To strengthen the marketing and communication approach at KABK, Nienke expanded the team with professionals in the fields of event management, production, marketing communication and online strategy. Service, accessibility and a love of art and design were paramount in the team composition. The doors of team Marketing and Communication were literally open and the intensive cooperation with education departments, student ambassadors and alumni made the team a vibrant part of the academy.

Crisis communication

The KABK, and probably every art academy, is an ecosystem in which ambitious young people from all over the world come together to be trained as artists, designers or photographers. Student's expectations are high, of themselves, of each other, of teachers and facilities, and of the institute. The social and artistic discourse at the academy is often determined by topical themes and is sometimes conducted under high pressure. Themes such as Black Lives Matter, integrity and social safety were not only the subject of discussion at the academy, but were also regularly played out in the social media and the press. This, together with challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, regularly determined the agenda of the Communication department, who were constantly looking for a strong and transparent balance between the inside and outside world. 

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